Certificate in English for Consultants & Economists – Beginner Level

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Certificate in English for Consultants & Economists – Beginner Level

Master 30 working English competences. Best for consultants, project managers, analysts and economists.

What you’ll learn

  • 10 professional conversation skills
  • 10 business meeting skills for planning and actively participating
  • 100 key performance indicators in 10 different domains
  • describe your entire day
  • engage in small talk about political affairs, news, carrer, project
  • negociate a consulting contract
  • deal with conflictual situations
  • send and amend formal and informal meeting invitations
  • prepare an agenda for formal and informal meetings
  • participate effectively in meetings, using standard phrases for interjections, agreeing, disagreeing and asking for clarification


You should have access to a computer and the internet. A printer will come in handy as there are downloadable resources which accompany many lectures, and they include extra writing activities that support the learning.


Are you planning to engage in consulting, project management or business management activities? Are you affraid of participating in English-language meetings? Do you need to prepare an agenda or presentations in English? Write the minutes in English? Make the briefing in English?

This course is specifically for non-native English speakers needing skills in consulting engagement, planning and participating in meetings. So if you work in consulting, administration or management, for a large company or small business, and if you have done English classes at high school then this course is for you!


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